Nancy Johnson, food blogger, is our Chef of the Month for July!

Everyone remembers their first experience with Burrata, what was yours?

My first experience with burrata was in Italy. I have had the chance to attend a cooking school there a few times and have been back to travel. Since then, I have been searching for a similar burrata. Nothing else in America comes close to Di Stefano Cheese burrata, its just amazing!

How did you become a food blogger?

Food Blogging is a hobby of mine. It all started when I decided to begin gardening at my home. I value eating seasonally (I grew 19 varietals of tomatoes in my garden this year) & I found that I enjoyed gardening, but the purpose of gardening was so that I could come back inside and cook with my fresh produce! I enjoy cooking and hosting parties for my friends and they encouraged me to start a blog. Shortly after I was approached by an online newspaper column in Laguna Beach celld Stu News. I wrote a weekly food column for them up until just a few months ago.

Who inspires you?

Ina Garten – I love the simplicity of her cooking and how clean and fresh her food is. Good dishes just need good ingredients! Other than Di Stefano Cheese Burrata, I enjoy bringing her shrimp cocktail dish to my friends homes.

What is the most unique or memorable experience you've had as a food blogger?

When I was writing for Stu News, people would randomly come up to me to tell me they enjoyed my column or tried one of my dishes. It was really fun and surprising to be recognized! I am able connect with people from 170 countries who follow me on my blog. It is truly great to connect and create friendships with people from all over the world.

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