Nonno's Spinach and Mushroom Pizza

ingredients: 18” pizza 1) Fresh spinach half Bag 2) Fresh Garlic 1 clove 3) Fresh tomatoes 4 Roma tomatoes or cherry tomatoes 4) Di Stefano Cheese Pizzarella sliced thin 5) Di Stefano Cheese Ovoline Mozzarella (two shreded balls) 6) Grated Parmigiano 3oz cup 7) Olive Oil 5oz Preparation: Mix fresh spinach all together with Olive oil, garlic chopped fine, also add, one pinch of Blk. Pepper, two pinch of salt,2 two pinch of Parmigiano, have the pizza dough ready and open in any shape you would like , rectangular or around, with pastry brush apply some olive oil on the pizza dough, ( for more flavor you might add on filet of anchovy broken down in pieces and spread throughout the pizza). spread some parmigiano on the pizza and the shredded mozzarella,( for a spicy flavor add Jalapeño), place the pizza in the Oven at 500F for 1 minute or two , as soon as the mozzarella begins to melt, take it out and add the spinach mixed as well as the pizzarella slices, place back in the oven for 3-5 minutes, or as soon as you see the pizza dough change of color into brown or dark brown if you like “well Done”take the pizza out and add the fresh tomatoes and a very little olive oil throughout the pizza. Buon Appetito!!!

#tomatoes #basilpesto #burrata #balsamicvinegar #apricots

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