Farfalle pasta with Burrata Di Stefano and Zucchini


4oz Di Steano Cheese Burrata

White Onion

2 Zucchini

Fresh Basil

2-3 Sun Dried Tomatoes

Farfalle Pasta




  1. In a pot with olive oil saute 1/2 white onion, add 2 chopped zucchini and a handful of fresh basil.

  2. When the zucchini has a little color, pour a small amount of warm water over the top.

  3. Cover and cook medium heat until the zucchini is broken down and make into a paste.

  4. In a sauté pan add sun dried tomatoes cut in half, add cooked Farfalle noodles and toss with Parmigiano, EVOO and sprinkle with salt &pepper.

  5. Take a full scoop of the zucchini paste and blend with pasta. Add more EVOO and basil if needed.

  6. Top with Di Stefano burrata cut in 1/2 seasoned with salt and EVOO, AND BUON APPETITO

#cheesepuffs #burrata #mostarda #speck

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